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Walter's Top Ten Films of 2023

 If you’ve read my top ten lists over the past years, you may recall recent struggles to find ten movies good enough to list. Thanks to a west coast visit in which my son, Daniel, treated me to a VIFF pass, I didn’t have any trouble finding ten films this year. We watched eight (and chose well!), and half of them made it on my list. Thanks, Daniel! Honourable Mentions: I won’t say anything about them here, but two films nearly made my list: My Sailor, My Love and Past Lives . 10. The Holdovers : I’ve only seen this once, and I know that there is a chance that one of my places of resistance to this film in the first half might be different on second viewing – i.e. I felt the lead student role was poorly acted and/or oddly scripted. But the second half may well vindicate that it was done right all along. Haven’t decided. And I think I’d hoped for funnier. But I liked lots about this film, particularly that it made the main characters more human and likeable (without those character

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