Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Two Mugs Up?

Oh dear. Jindabyne? Is that even a movie? Are you wanting to start things off by showing off that you can see movies that won't be heard of in St. Stephen until 2009? I have seen Short Cuts, and not even that long ago, but Altman pretty much always leaves me cold, and I can't say it left any impression on me other than my thinking it was another Altman film. He strikes me as caring more about trying some artsy angle for the sake of newness than he is about adding any substance that communicates to normal human beings. If you tell me which storyline you're referring to, I might be able to remember. But if you want some immediate gist for the conversation how about defending nearly giving a movie 3.5 stars after making it sound like the one of the biggest snorefests since, say, an Altman film.

In the meantime, I’m thinking that before we start being asked by countless distributers to provide blurbs for movies, we need to clarify what we’re going to give two up for movies we like. Thumbs being taken. I’d say Two Mugs Up - in a kind of coffee salute - if you liked coffee more. Since you don’t, I’m not sure what people would think was in your mug and this might distort the meaning. I was also thinking of Two Big Toes Up, but you’ve been living in London long enough you’re probably wearing socks in your sandals. So I'm stumped. I'd solicit our many readers for suggestions, but I suspect we don't have any yet.

Hmm - I wondering about the best approach here - should we keep conversations about one movie under the comments so that it's easier to track conversations? I suspect so, but I'll leave this one as it is.

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