Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Hangover

When I watched the preview for The Hangover months ago, I thought: “Well here’s another stupid comedy I won’t need to waste my time on.” I was, however, forced to reconsider this opinion when the film opened to overwhelming critical acclaim (including from Roger) and huge box office success. So I finally went to see it. Just to show how wrong my initial assessment based on a preview can be, I can now say: “Why did I waste my time and money on another stupid comedy?” (Sorry about the sarcasm)

Okay, maybe there are even stupider comedies out there. I wouldn’t know because I tend to avoid anything that looks like a stupid comedy. But what on earth do people see in The Hangover? I didn’t think it was funny at all (and neither did Janelle). There was some interesting character development involving the “slow” character in the film, and, as Janelle said, at least it had a somewhat coherent plot, but that’s not enough to make a film worthwhile, especially for a comedy.

It was all just stupid nonsense, like so many of the comedies made in the past decade or two. I can’t waste any more time writing about it and encourage you not to waste your time seeing it. **+ (for the coherent plot) - my mug is down.

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