Thursday, 24 September 2009

Crossing Over

Well, I'm long overdue. I can't wait until I see a movie I'm excited about because it's simply been a dry season for me. Crossing Over is a movie that was distinctly disappointing. It's not badly made or acted, but it committed an unpardonable sin for me. It caused me pain and suffering without adequate payback in terms of the story.

It's not that the story didn't have any merit. Like Crash, to which it seems to have been compared often, it tells a multitude of stories - somewhat interweaving - involving the tensions and clash of ethnicities. In this case, it particularly focuses on the struggles of immigration. It is true that its portrayal may be more grimly realistic than Crash (which, of course, was not exactly cheery). But the bottom line is that it didn't leave me with anything that made me glad I watched it. I didn't learn anything - anything it had to say about immigration issues, I've already seen more interestingly portrayed in Bread and Roses, The Visitor, Under the Same Moon and El Norte. And it didn't raise any new thoughts or questions, which (in spite of some faults) Crash did a good job of doing.

So, I would not recommend this film and give it **1/2 stars. Sorry Harrison.

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