Monday, 31 October 2011

Drag Me to Hell

Classic horror flicks like Rosemary’s Baby aside, horror films just don’t do it for me, even if they are meant to be campy comedies. But since tomorrow is Halloween, and since I had this critically-acclaimed horror flick in my collection, I decided to give Drag Me To Hell a shot.

The one thing this 2009 film, written and directed by Sam Raimi of Spiderman fame, has going for it is the final scene, which was close to entertaining and certainly provides a satisfying ending. But unless your idea of fun is watching campy horror, in which case you should not miss this one, I can’t recommend Drag Me to Hell. Maybe you have to watch a lot more horror than I do to appreciate this kind of thing. But I simply have no use for the horror genre. Even Shaun of the Dead, filmed almost next door to where we were living in London, was barely tolerable.

Sure, Drag Me to Hell has some grisly humour. But nothing about the silly horror plot makes the slightest sense (our protagonist throws up two liters of blood but sees no reason to visit a doctor), the action scenes are utterly boring to me, and the acting is, well, campy (which I guess is what it is supposed to be). Sorry, it’s just not my idea of a good time. From now on, I’ll try to steer clear of the horror genre, regardless of how good the reviews are. Though maybe it’s time to watch Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow again for Halloween. You can’t go wrong with The Legend of Sleep Hollow (Disney’s version is still the best Halloween entertainment out there, with Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin coming in a close second).

My mug, I’m afraid, is appropriately pointing down for Drag Me to Hell.

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