Saturday, 3 December 2011

Horrible Bosses

Roger Ebert gave Horrible Bosses ***+, so I thought it must be worth taking a look at. It wasn’t. Roger, my confidence in your appraisal of films is waning - sigh!

I put Horrible Bosses in the same category as The Hangover: utterly inane, insulting and offensive excuses for comedy. The cinematography, especially for such a film, is outstanding, but other than that, Horrible Bosses is a complete mess that deserves no further comment from me (because I wasted enough of my time watching the stupid thing).

If you liked The Hangover, by all means give this one a try. If you prefer intelligent rewarding comedies, well, even something like Friends With Benefits looks like a classic beside Horrible Bosses. ** for the cinematography. My mug is down.

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