Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Life of Pi

With Les Mis coming right up, it's time to squeeze in another short review:

A gorgeously-filmed old-fashioned adventure, Life of Pi is not to be missed on the big screen. It’s directed by Ang Lee and based on the bestselling novel by the French-Canadian writer Yann Martel, which I read a few years ago. I thought the novel would be impossible to film. I was wrong, though I cannot explain the wondrous special effects that must be involved. 

Life of Pi tells the story of a teenager stranded on the ocean in a small boat for 227 days. If that isn’t hard enough to imagine, he has a tiger for company. The teenager is played by Suraj Sharma and he does an incredible, if not perfect, job.

We watched the film in 2D, though I understand the 3D is amazing (I’ve heard that story before and it has never yet been true for me). The 2D was sufficiently amazing for us. I’ll just add one complaint - the film is quite slow-moving and does drag at times. But Life of Pi is a wonderful wise spiritual uplifting film that gets a solid ***+. My mug is up.


  1. Saw the movie in 3D a couple of days ago. I'm not a great fan of 3D and I don't think it really added an awful lot. Much of it seemed in 2D most of the time anyway.

    Having spent some weeks crossing the Atlantic (not the Pacific, as in the movie) I can say that many scenes were based on reality, but with the artistic licence producing 'enhanced reality'. Very beautiful though.

    Thought they did a really good job. I never imagined they would be able to re-create the literary pictures from the book on the silver screen.

  2. I have never read the book, so I wasn't sure what to expect with this one. I thoroughly enjoyed both the cinematography (I saw it on Imax) and story. Despite the complaints of some critics that the oceanic scenes scenes were over-the-top, I feel it all fit well with the imaginative quality of the narrative. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the grandiose quality will translate as well to the small screen once it's out of theatres.