Thursday, 31 January 2013

21 Jump Street

I should have known better. When it comes to comedies, the major critics and I frequently part company (e.g. Hangover and Ted), so I should not have been impressed by the many positive reviews for 21 Jump Street. And I certainly should not have wasted two hours of my life watching this utterly pointless drivel.
I won’t waste even more time by writing a long review. 21 Jump Street had exactly one funny and entertaining scene, lasting about thirty seconds. That came near the end of the film and was the result of a surprise cameo appearance. There was nothing else worth watching. Like Ted and The Hangover, this is a pathetic excuse for a comedy. Awful in every way, 21 Jump Street gets *+ (for the cameo). My mug is down.

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  1. Occasionally, there are a few amusing bits in '21 Jump' including trucks filled with gasoline that fail to explode as well as some funny hallucinations which we get to see, when the protagonists are forced to take drugs in order not to blow their cover. But on the whole, Jonah Hill and co-writer Michael Bacall's frat-boy humor, lacks subtlety and relies on low-level slapstick routines, to get by. At this point, America is so desperate for something humorous in the movies these days, that a mediocre exercise such as this, is hailed as a comic masterpiece!