Sunday, 19 May 2013

Je vous trouve très beau

I am always on the lookout for French comedies and one of the surprise favourites of recent months has been Je vous trouve très beau (I find you very handsome). 

This is the story of a middle-aged French farmer who really needs someone to do the laundry and care for the animals after his wife dies (due to a faulty milking machine). It doesn't take long before he turns to a match-making service that is well represented with would-be brides from Romania. As is no doubt already clear, this is a somewhat silly but warmhearted story about a relationally restrained and very pragmatic man.

Apart from interesting characters and humour that usually works, there is just a little more depth to the character development than one might expect. I'd love to comment on that but don't want to add a spoiler. Mugs up and recommended for a light and delightful evening. ***+  

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