Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dallas Buyers Club

Far from getting caught up on my reviews, I've been so busy lately that I forgot I had a blog. Time to slow down! Ron Woodroof, in Dallas Buyers Club, not only slows down but transforms his life after hearing that he has AIDS and only thirty days to live. My full review can be found at the Third Way Cafe: http://www.thirdway.com/mm/?Page=7906_Dallas+Buyers+Club

Matthew McConaughey gives his second Oscar-worthy performance of the year and may even have two films in my top ten of 2013 (the other was Mud). But as great as his performance was, Jared Leto (as Rayon, pictured above) was even better. It will be a crime if he doesn't win Best Supporting Actor. Leto has been magnificent in every film in which I have seen him and is surely one of the best actors out there. Unfortunately for us film buffs, Leto is first and foremost a musician with his own popular band (Thirty Seconds to Mars) and so his acting is sporadic.

Dallas Buyers Club gets ***+ verging on ****. My mug is up!

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  1. Just catching up on some movies you recommended. Loved this one! Fabulous acting, informative, creative and ...brilliant!
    even after I had heard all the hype and read the reviews. I wasn't disappointed. Thanks.