Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mr. Holmes

This underrated British film starring Ian McKellen as Mr. Holmes may be a slow-moving drama instead of the kind of action film more recently associated with Sherlock Holmes, but it has much more to say and is well worth a patient and careful viewing. ***+ My mug is up! My full review can be read on the Third Way Cafe website:

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  1. Such a stunning piece of movie-making. McKellen soars in this portrayal of the aging Holmes, assisted by the delightful young Milo Parker. Superb sets and filming is a treat to behold (and brings back many happy memories of the English countryside, now I'm living in China).

    People argue about its slow pace, but this does give time for the viewer to enter into the feelings so wonderfully portrayed by the whole cast. Most of us don't live at the pace of most modern movies!

    Definitely a memorable viewing with lots to think about.