Thursday, 29 September 2016

People Places Things

So I haven't been doing too many of these reviews lately and as a result there have been few romantic comedies reviewed (Vic not being a big fan and all). So here's a refreshing change...

Flight of the Conchord's Jemaine Clement stars as a somewhat lost, recently separated, graphic novelist who is trying to make sense of his life (or as you can see in the picture above, asking "why does life suck so hard?"). He may not have a lot of energy or vision but he has a good heart, a natural honesty, and a quiet eye for eventually seeing what is going on - especially when he sketches out his comics.

Of course, he also has a unique sense of humour that allows the film to have a light touch without following typical rom com cliches (or at least not too many of them). The relationship that begins (and the way it begins) is also refreshingly different, making some subtle statements by not drawing attention to them.

The writing is clever and the outcome is not obvious. Definitely recommended if you like quirky indie comedies - ***+

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