Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

You wish!

I grow weary of The Avengers (and the whole superhero genre, which has had occasional bursts of promise but has generally failed to live up to its potential - noting that I don't think Black Panther qualifies as a superhero film). In reading a few reviews from my favourite critics, I get the distinct impression that none of them think Infinity War is worth the hype - that, in fact, it’s a hollow film that viewers love because it’s an entertaining distraction full of mindless action (i.e it’s fun), not because it has anything of value to offer as a story or as a film. But these critics feel compelled to give Infinity War a decent rating because they’re afraid of losing credibility and support from the masses who may make Infinity War the most popular film of all time.

I suffer from no such fear (after all, I receive no income for writing these reviews). I may be alienated by those masses, but I consider it a badge of honour as a film critic to say I will never watch one of the most popular films of all time (just as I avoided watching Civil War in 2016 and Guardians last year). I mean, who needs more of that endless and endlessly tedious superhero action (i.e. PG violence), set in a mediocre plot? Not me. But if you want to tell me why you think Infinity War is worth watching, I’m listening.

Update: I was just talking to a certain daughter of mine who had just watched Infinity War and enjoyed it very much. But she confirmed that I would be upset by the film, especially by the violence. The violence was so dark and brutal that it even made her cringe and wonder what was in the minds of those who would allow so much violence to get a PG rating. This is very disturbing, especially when I observe how many violent action films aimed at a young audience are regularly among the most popular films of our time. How can this possibly be a good thing? When is Hollywood/Disney going to admit that watching so much violence as entertainment is not that far removed from the kinds of horrors found in some of the circuses of ancient Rome?

I couldn’t find my mug the last time I reviewed an Avengers film. I won’t need to look for it this time.

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