Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I'm So Excited

Pedro Almodovar is one of my favourite directors and there are very few of his many films which I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. I’m So Excited is no exception, but I would call this one of Almodovar’s lesser efforts. 

I’m So Excited is an absurd comedy about a plane with a malfunctioning landing system and its dysfunctional flight attendants (not to mention the dysfunctional ground crew, featuring wonderful cameos by Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, who made the blunder which resulted in the malfunction). If this sounds a little like Airplane, I think it’s supposed to. Unfortunately, in spite of some hilarious scenes, I’m So Excited doesn’t come close to Airplane (many of the jokes fall flat, at least for a North American audience) and its biggest flaw is its apparent attempts to try. 

The film’s biggest strength comes from viewing it as a metaphor for how we, as a society, are reacting to our global malfunctioning ‘landing system’ which is destined for a crash. Like the plane’s passengers and crew, we eat, drink, have sex and worry about our personal problems while hoping that someone out there knows what to do to prevent the imminent disaster. This metaphor adds depth to an otherwise lightweight and rather hollow exercise. 

Another strength of the film is its gorgeous cinematography, all the more amazing when you consider that I’m So Excited is filmed almost entirely inside a plane. The brilliant colours are, of course, typical of Almodovar films. The acting is okay but not outstanding.

The bottom line is that I had fun watching I’m So Excited, but I was also disappointed, for I have come to expect much more from Almodovar. ***. My mug is up but this one is recommended primarily for Almodovar fans.

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