Wednesday, 9 October 2013


What makes Lovelace special is the unique way it tells the story of how Linda Lovelace got involved in the porn industry (and the first big porn hit, Deep Throat). Specifically, the film tells the story twice, the second time from Linda’s point of view, which is very different from the story presented to the public prior to the release of Linda’s autobiography (upon which the film is based).

Lovelace, directed by Jeffrey Friedman, has a great period feel (1970’s), using 70’s style cinematography to help create that feel. The acting is good, with Amanda Seyfried quite convincing as the film’s protagonist, and Peter Sarsgaard, who did not fare so well in Blue Jasmine, commendable as Charles Traynor, Linda’s husband. 

Unfortunately, Lovelace doesn’t live up to its potential, providing little real depth to the characters or the story, which was frequently handled in the way too many true stories are  handled, namely in a way that feels pedestrian. Nevertheless, this fascinating account is deserving of ***. My mug is up.

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