Tuesday, 9 May 2017

TV60: The Returned, Season Two

I promised to revisit this show after I’d watched the second season, which I have now done. See my review of the first season (February 7, 2016) for information about the story.

The second season of The Returned (French version) is as haunting and mysterious as the first season. This seems to be the end of the series and I still have no good idea of what happened (though some answers can be found). I can, however, say that the zombie theme (it can be described as a zombie show, though with no resemblance to The Walking Dead) was not advanced in any negative way, so the disquieting uncertainty I referred to in my previous review has been dispelled. 

Meanwhile, the quality of this gorgeous, quiet, slow-moving and thought-provoking TV serial remains at the highest level any TV show can hope for, with outstanding acting and character development throughout. The very occasional graphic violence remains a concern, but given that my previous uncertainty has been dispelled, I am now ready to give The Returned the **** it deserves, and call it superb television.

As for the American version, I do not plan to watch it and would suggest you start with the French version. 

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